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The Internet, its Memes, and You

June 1, 2009

As I mentioned in my last blog, I visited the anime convention Project A-Kon 20 up in Dallas, Texas this past weekend. It was just as much fun as was predicted. But there’s always some strange quirk to each convention that you’ll notice that starts to grate the nerves. This year, that irritating piece of popular behavior was the Internet Meme.

This has been a growing annoyance for a small number of years now, and at first it was mildly cute. But I must admit that it has now outgrown its welcome. With the copious amounts of people screaming about “The Game” and Rickrolling each other right and left, it’s gotten completely out of hand. It’s like the stand-up comedian in the luchador mask during the judging of cosplay said, “If everything that comes out of your mouth is nothing more than ‘The cake is a lie’ then your life is a lie,”. I remember him saying that, and hearing the audience murmur and make negative noises from their seats.

I don’t know what it is about convention attendees. It seems like the age of the average attendee has only gotten younger and younger. Seeing an “old fogey” amidst the crowd is like finding a Mew in Poke’mon Red; it’s rare as all heck. The audience is rarely even of legal age these days. I’d say the majority of the audience is under the age of 18, all easily impressionable, and all who think that Internet memes are always funny in all occasions.

It’s not.

People also don’t seem to know when Internet memes have officially died. Let’s take for example Rickrolling. On Thanksgiving Day of 2008, the Rickroll died. Rick Astley surprised America by performing “Never Gonna Give You Up” on a parade float.

Face it, Internet. Nothing you do is ever going to top that. If you ever get Rickrolled, it will simply pale in comparison. The fact that Rick Astley HIMSELF took the joke and ran with it across the country means he has acknowledged the joke. Once that joke has been acknowledged, you have been defeated. It is over. You can’t win. Rickrolling is dead. Please stop trying.

The same thing can be said for The Game. As you can see from the image above, there are actually some very specific rules to The Game. Not only can no one seem to get The Game right, but The Game is over, and no one seems to realize it.

Okay, for the sake of argument, let’s say that The Game is not in fact dead yet, and that everyone is still playing. You’re not actually supposed to be a jerk and TELL people that they lost the game. That’s not how it works. It’s subtle. It’s nothing more than a thought popping into your head. The only way it should even be POSSIBLE to spread to others is if you’re announcing out loud that you just lost The Game. Putting it on signs, yelling “You just lost The Game!”, or putting it in your cosplay skit in attempt to make people lose it, is NOT the correct way The Game was meant to be played. If you have to TELL people about The Game in order to make them lose, you’re trying too hard.

But as I mentioned before, The Game is dead, and NO ONE should be playing anymore.

Click the link above to see how The Game was won. Everyone has been granted immunity to The Game. It’s over. And it is time to move on to something much less annoying.

So, that’s unfortunately what anime conventions have become. Just another place to spout little more than Internet memes at one another, with little other content to be found. Oh, sure, the convention puts on a good show. That certainly makes up for a good handful of the brain dead attendees. But some people just really need to learn when something has been overdone and is no longer funny.

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  1. The Wise Mankey permalink
    June 3, 2009 3:52 PM

    I didn’t see much RickRolling at A-Kon, but I did see “The Game” EVERYWHERE that it wasn’t even funny.

    Hell, a guy walked up from behind me and patted me on the back being all “Hey buddy, what’s up?” when he had stuck a sticky note on there with “THE GAME” written on it. That really was ridiculous. :/

    BTW, the pic I took of you and me during A-Kon has been put up as part of a slideshow on my YouTube account. Take a look if yer interested:

  2. Onore Baka Sama permalink
    March 21, 2010 1:52 PM

    Thank goodness someone realizes that Internet memes aren’t funny. I went to Otakon 2005 and I didn’t see a meme anywhere, nor did I at 2008. But 2009 was just horrible; you couldn’t get anywhere without hearing OVER 9000 and I LOST THE GAME.

    I think it’s ridiculous, because it goes to show that people aren’t even bothering to be original whatsoever. Certainly, 4chan (or someone) started this whole thing about “you can’t be original anymore because someone else has already done it”, but hell, that’s no excuse for not trying to stand out as your own person and just regurgitating something that someone else did.

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