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Response to Response?

December 14, 2009

I originally posted this in my section of the forums on TGWTG, but I felt it deserved to be more widely seen. For those who don’t know, this week Y Ruler of Time and Rollo T responded to a video I made two weeks ago where I stated anime was turning down a dark path (It’s pretty easy to find, I’d betcha it’s still on the front page). Anyway, here’s my own personal defense:

While not exactly trying to point out any of the things above in particular, I want to make it perfectly clear here and now that there is a difference between “dark” and “emo”. Sure, anime has always had it’s “dark” moments. Take Gundam Wing, for example. You’re putting children head-first into war. But, you know, people over the course of history have done that. It’s a dark thing to do, but it happens.

But then, it’s easier to develop a character by saying, “Okay, your motivation is, your mom’s dead. Aaaand… go!” That takes no character development, and it happens all too frequently. Of course, if your mom died, you’d be pretty unhappy, too. But it’s just a cop-out. It’s the same cop-out as, “And then he woke up!”

I mentioned Yu Yu Hakusho being lighter than many other anime not because the situations were particularly bubble gum cheerful, but because the characters took it all with complete optimism and didn’t much worry about trying to avenge somebody or what have you.

Despite all of the bright examples given in Y and Rollo’s “rebuttal”, honestly, it’s just “the other side of the argument”. I stand by my statements. And despite the comments in that vid, I refuse to allow it to look like I “didn’t do my research” or am “uneducated and don’t know what I’m talking about”. One Piece is happy (and I said in this vid it was happy, so using One Piece’s closing to prove your point… doesn’t prove your point). Naruto and Bleach are not. Haruhi ISN’T shounen, it’s more correctly categorized as seinen. And my videos are so short, hopefully nobody REALLY thinks I was attempting to use my example of Yu Yu Hakusho’s INTRO of all things to prove how much better it was than everything else. Of COURSE that’s not a 100% surefire way to judge an anime.

And, geez, I say “emo” once (because, sheesh, the characters in Naruto specifically ARE quite emo) and you’d think I was slandering it all over the place. It’s certain characters and their behavior. Again, dark and emo aren’t the same. I wouldn’t characterize Gundam Wing as being emo, I’d categorize it as being dark. I wouldn’t categorize archs of Naruto to be dark, I’d call them emo.

Either way, despite the fact that I feel as though it will now make my audience think I’m an absolute anime retard (despite the fact that it was just my side of the opinion), they DID treat it quite respectfully and have no other arguments against their side of the statements.

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  1. Burzmali permalink
    December 14, 2009 6:21 PM

    I’m with you Marz, once anime 9 out of 10 anime releases fit the “Emo Action” or “Moe Romance” I just kind of stopped watching.

  2. December 6, 2010 12:31 AM

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