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Ikki-Idol Conflict Continues

January 4, 2010

I got a response from the coordinator of Ikki-Idol on the Ikkicon forums (If you’re at all curious about the conversation, it starts here on this page – But I wanted to share this, yet again, because I feel that it's important enough to share.

This is the response from the Ikki-Idol event coordinator.

let me point something out… more people loved the idea that we allowed more then just anime or video games or even j-pop… if you are not open to everything then you are closed minded… you talk about how anime cons are about japanese culture… what about baseball, soccer, pro wrestling, and street racing… all those are japanese related…

I am so sorry but people want to be entertained… I am about the people and the people love to laugh and cry… this is a anime con in the U.S. you have to understand that not everyone can speak or sing in japanese so its not fair to kick them out of the contest. You are a very bitter person. Of course we had problems… even the cosplay show had problems.

You have to understand that…
1. This was out first time running a singing contest.
2. Not everyone can sing in japanese
3. I never said this contest was for people who could sing japanese you could sing whatever you wanted.
4. I know I dont watch a lot of anime… thats because all the anime i used to watch is now considered old school.

and to be honest we were fair… and you out of all people did give me more trouble then anyone else. everyone else was nice enough to work with me and you just got mad.

You still get your badge because I am not a liar… so dont forget to pick it up next year… you will have to go to to get it… you have to pm me… but if you dont want it then feel free to let me know…

but there was one person who was so nice and so great that we feel she deserves something… Stacy or i think thats how you spell her name… she is going to kamikazecon i think so I am going to see what I can do to make sure she is in the kami-idol contest…

you might have been mad but everyone at a con loved the idea of the sing whatever you want idea… remember you showed up late and still allowed you to sing… not everyone knew about the rules and the sound people said it was cool so we allowed the MP3s even thought it was harder to manage…

you have to be open and willing to work with the people.

I will more then likely never attend another con again but my company will be there to make sure these cons start making changes because the con world needs us the people to make sure it is still alive because with out the people you can not have a con.

Machii got first because over all she was the face of IKKiCON… she was someone the people loved…

so please other then her who loves the idea that you could sing anything you wanted… it makes it easier for people to enter… because every time there is a contest the same people always win.

its time for a change… remember hispaics, blacks, whites, idians, asians, or etc… we are all here to have fun and some of us want to enter but most of us can’t sing in japanese…

so this is how this contests will run from now on… you can sing anything you want…


and nothing is going to change that…

The Great Saiyaman has spoken

So, of course, everything this man stated in these several paragraphs was a complete mis-reading of what I had originally written. Here, feel free to read my response.

And all of those things you mentioned all are western and are things I can access on a daily basis in the United States. But that’s not really the point of what I was commenting on.

I never once asked anyone to sing in Japanese. I wouldn’t dream of making that a rule. However, it simply makes sense to sing anime or video game-related music. Of course, if your rules had stated in the first place that any music from anywhere would be appropriate, this would have never been an argument. I’d never have argued your rules. But you couldn’t seem to decide what your rules were.

1. I expect first-time event runners to hit snags. Not to have a hard time showing up on time or adhering to ones own pre-constructed rules.
2. Again, never said people should sing in Japanese. Obviously, I sang a song in English. And I would have attempted to sing that song whether there was a rule about singing in a certain language, whether or not it could be from an anime, etc.
3. Isn’t this the same as #2?
4. I honestly don’t care if you watch anime or not. That doesn’t define your character to me. You were, however, hosting an event at an anime and Japanese pop culture convention. Your personal preference in music seems to conflict with the point of the event. If you can’t separate your personal musical preferences from your duty as a judge then you have no right to be a judge.

Fair? How is judging based on personal musical tastes instead of the talent of the performer fair? How is telling half of your finalists that they can sing two songs and telling the other half that they only have half the chance the first set of finalists had fair? And I never got mad at you. I followed you through all your silly rule changes, never argued with you, and simply continued to perfom to the best of my abilities through the thick of it. Never once did I argue your rules. It was your show, and so I let you run the show. However, your show is over now, and so NOW I am choosing to place my words.

I have no problem getting in contact with you, assuming you will be open for contact.

I am happy for Stacy (if that was her name, I honestly am better with faces than I am with names). I wish her the best if she chooses to continue in any future performances. If she’s who I’m assuming she was, she’s very talented, probably moreso than I.

Again, if everyone was allowed to sing what they wanted to sing right from the beginning, it would have been fine. However, this was sadly not the case. I’m not certain if you’re speaking directly to me about the “showing up late thing” or not, though I must say I was waiting for that panel an hour ahead of time in preparation. I thought your initial rules were simple. And ease in management means a far more smooth event. If you had written in the rules that mp3 players were okay, and if you had been prepared ahead of time then this wouldn’t have been an issue and I’d have never brought it up.

Again, I worked with you just fine, fought with you none, performed my piece as according to what was told before walking on stage, and was done with it.

I enjoyed Machii’s performance, at cosplay probably most of all. I’m glad people enjoyed it.

If you want to make it easier to enter, clearly post your rules, and post them early, and don’t make outrangeous changes at the last possible minute. As it is, your rules were posted in the forums pretty late. People should be able to come prepared. As it was, even with the new rules, most people weren’t prepared.

You bring up race as though I somehow came off as some kind of racist. And again I’ll simply state, again, that singing in Japanese, English, or whatever other language you want was never a concern of mine, and for the life of me I can’t figure out where it is you seem to have read that I stated this.

To finalize my own thoughts, do you really think that everyone who participated was happy? After speaking with most everyone in the latter half of the finals who only got to perform one piece, it sounded like the mass opinion was that everyone was particularly less-than-satisfied with the organization of the convention. And if any of you several girls I spoke to at that time backstage are reading this, I would encourage you to be brave enough to at least state as much. For now, going off my own word alone will have to suffice.

I look forward to the better handling of your future events.

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  1. Dinger permalink
    January 4, 2010 10:23 PM

    UGH they used a not everyone knew of the rules argument

    can I go strangle this person please?

  2. January 4, 2010 11:16 PM

    This whole ordeal reminded me of a convention I was doing a signing at. I was invited by my Partner Company to sign our books and sell some of our merchandise at Ani-Con in Las Vegas a few months back. Our partner company had the biggest room (Bigger than the dealers Room) and we had the largest crowds. We are approved for our booth, and paid to secure our spot.
    Out of no where the operators didn’t want us there. They promised our spot to someone else AFTER we signed… Suddenly, everything changed, they constantly fought our partners to get us out.

    After arguing back and forth with them, my partners decided to shut down the entire room. NO ONE had a problem with us being there. Everyone wanted us to stay, but because of pure ignorance and poor planning we were shutting down.

    The Next day, the operators turned the Dealers Room into a Swap meet of sorts and closed down all events. Since we left, the crowd left with us, and there was no con.

    I Felt so bad for those poor Dealers that got screwed because of poor planning.

  3. January 4, 2010 11:29 PM

    Wow, uh, that guy was a world-class dick.

  4. January 5, 2010 12:03 AM

    “I am so sorry but people want to be entertained… I am about the people and the people love to laugh and cry…”

    Why does it sound to me like this guy is Michael Bay’s deformed twin?

  5. Entertainer13 permalink
    January 5, 2010 1:40 AM

    In a pointless throwaway, I will mention that Japanese wrestling has a long and storied tradition that deviates so greatly in style and approach to American/Canadian pro wrestling, that he was right on the point that wrestling is an important part of any Japanese cultural event.

    Why he brought it up, though, still remains a mystery to me.

    I’m glad you made your statements. Stand by them. I know how annoyed I was when a Rock Band contest let all their rules fly out the window, the first year they held it. Oh, we won, but it felt silly, not being too official, people being allowed to play songs longer than stated in the rules, restart after restart…

    After a bunch of complaints, this past year’s event was almost perfect, save for the prize falling in awesomeness ($50 video game cert to like $12. Whee).

    Keep up being you, I guess!

  6. January 5, 2010 10:03 AM

    Sing anything… and a “anime” con open to every fan culture <_< This orga would be displaced over here in Germany.

    If you are an orga (I was an event orga of the Connichi (largest con in Germany), so I know what I am talking about) you know that you must handle a moral dilemma between the fans and "outsiders". But you must enjoy the hardcore-fans while explaining the culture itself to people who can not take something up with anime.

    And now for the singing part. Singing a mainstream song is only allowed if it fits for the cosplay performance – but for a karaoke contest, only J/K-Pop, J/K-Rock, anime openings and game songs are allowed. If someone tries a mainstream song – watch out for evil flying plushie.

  7. January 5, 2010 3:23 PM

    Truly, WORST RUN IDOL EVER! This was my responce to them.

    “MarzGurl, I completely agree with you 100%. Although I am truly grateful for winning, and thank everyone who helped me acheive that, I have to admit that this was the most poorly run IDOL I have ever seen. There were no soundchecks which, (as much as I hate to blame it on that) was why my 2nd song was in the wrong key. I was unable to hear myself most of the time, during the final round as well as at the Cosplay Show.

    Also, the rules on this contest were just ridiculous. It takes a lot my time, effort, and practice to sing songs in a foreign language than it does in english (if you are a native english speaker, that is.) I also believe that singing American songs, when you are at an JAPANESE/ANIME CONVENTION is just plain stupid. We are there to enjoy and celebrate the culture of which we are there for. As MarzGurl stated, if I wanted to singing english songs, I would just go to a karaoke bar here. We have plenty of them.

    What I love about the contests held my Keiichi Radio/ChibiBritt is that they’re rules are set in stone, no if’s and’s or but’s. Not only that, but they are better organized and have a better understanding on what they are judging. The judges were lovely, don’t get me wrong. But I would rather be judged by someone who knows what they are talking about. Someone with Theatre, Music, or some other education/knowledge about it. Also, they just don’t decide on a whim to host a contest. They’re are many weeks and even MONTHS that go into planning something like this. I believe that everything needs to be done and decided at LEAST 2-3 months in advance. Not made up at the drop of a hat.

    People have every right to complain about how poorly this was run. If anyone read the forums, the 1st day was supposed to cap off at 15-20 contestants, and TWO rounds were supposed to be sung that day. Finals (if I remember correctly) were supposed to be about 5 people singing a final song. If we had just done it the way it was SUPPOSED to be, so much conflict could have been avoided. Not only that, it was also majorly unfair to the Cosplay Show that we ran over. It was completely unnecessary and rude to those people who have also worked majorly hard on there craft, as we had.

    I don’t want to write this off as a learning experience. I just think it should NEVER be hosted like this again. Again, I cannot stress how grateful I am at winning. But what is the point of it if everyone suffered so much for it? I would suggest it be run by someone different next year. Someone who has actually ORGANIZED one before. Wheather it be ChibiBritt and her group, or, hell, even the people who hosted it last year, or the year before. What happened to them? For real.

    All in all, this Contest was just horrible. Until it is hosted by someone different, I won’t compete in it, and I will tell others not to as well. I am sorry, but there is no excuse for it.”

    *sigh* Hopefully next year will be run by someone who knows what the hell they are doing. -__-;;

    • January 5, 2010 8:09 PM

      I thought you sounded great. I knew that, since you were able to stay in your key so well, it mus simply have been that you couldn’t rightly hear. Had you been able to hear, I think it would have sounded wonderful.

      Thank you for sharing this with me. Others have made me question whether or not addressing this was appropriate. I’m glad to see that it wasn’t just me whining for nothing.

      I hope to see you perform more in the future, too!

  8. chotime permalink
    February 21, 2010 3:38 PM

    who was the girl that was singing that one wierd song she kept messing up and stuff…i felt so bad…but she did do really well everyone did..the whole show just seems so unorganized and the sound people didn’t know what to do maybe next time ….hopefully

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