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To Sapporo!

March 25, 2010

I don’t know if I can call my whole trip a one-day trip or not, or if it should have been considered much longer than that. First, we drove from San Antonio to Houston, a 3 – 4 hour drive. We stayed the night at Sean’s place, and then left for the airport on the morning of the 24th.

The flight was somewhere between 13 and 14 hours. Part of why I have such a hard time determining whether or not it was one or two days was because the daylight DIDN’T GO AWAY. We were basically chasing the night time… and it was beginning to outrun us. And was starting to gain on us from behind! But we were in Tokyo far before it ever got dark. In fact, it was the 2 PM hour when we arrived. But, lord, that flight… my legs were getting tingly. I frequently had to stand up and walk around.

The other guys were really talkative throughout the majority of the flight. They kept coming to me for advice. Especially when we started coming in to Narita, and they had us fill out the customs paperwork before landing. Which was starting to stress me out, because I was trying to focus on work of my own. 😐

But by the time we were actually on the ground and gathering luggage and everything, everyone was a grouch. But, rightfully so. We were all tired and confused, and now we had to lug around bags to the next flight. We picked up our boarding passes for the flight to Sapporo, as well as our Rail Passes for JR trains.

After all our confusion, there was STILL another two hours of waiting for our next plane. That’s when I fell asleep in my own lap. Luckily, when I woke up, it was about time to board the plane. Which, actually, was pretty cool, because first we had to take a bus limo, and THEN we could get on the plane. The ANA plane was pretty boring in comparison to the International flight. I mean, it’s hard to compare the two when the International flight had multiplayer Battleship at every seat. Just sayin’.

Got to Sapporo, grabbed our bags, and met my friend Taiki outside. Everyone else took to Taiki right away and were really happy to meet him. We took the subway to the middle of Sapporo, and then proceeded to walk toward our hostel. It was snowing, which was really awesome, with nice, powdery snow all over the ground. Which was nice… until the wind blew harder and the snow fell faster. And it didn’t help that suddenly… we were lost. Even Taiki couldn’t seem to find the location, and he was leading us. So, he ended up calling the hostel, and wow! One of the hostel representatives actually came out and walked a few blocks to meet us and lead us! So nice of him!

The hostel is pretty nice. We each got our own bunks, very warm, which was greatly appreciated when we had just come in from the outside.

Sean, Andrew, and I went out for another hour or so more with Taiki. We got a little food and played around at a local arcade. I was really interested in one particular Castlevania arcade game, which looks like it could (if it isn’t already) be ported to the Wii. The game has wands that act as both a gun and a whip. It was really awesome, until after we beat the first boss, and then suddenly holding the wand up didn’t register properly, and my little blue dot was halfway across the screen, and getting worse by the second. And I suddenly died. 😦 I was pretty sad because I had been doing so well before.

Slept pretty nicely. It’s now the morning of the 26th, and Taiki should be coming by to meet us soon, and we plan on getting breakfast, seeing the Sapporo brewery… and maybe some karaoke later! We’ll see, though.

Will update more at the next opportunity!

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  1. mhee permalink
    March 25, 2010 9:08 PM

    karaoke! I think you need to make a video for that night.

  2. ThatDouche permalink
    March 26, 2010 12:02 AM

    Is there suppose to be an image here? I see one of those little boxes with a red “X” in showing that an image link don’t work or something.

    That Castlevania game sounds fun. Do you remember the name of it so I can see if it was ported to the Wii?

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