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Long Day

March 30, 2010

Got on the trains early yesterday morning to go to Fuji-Q Highland. It took a couple hours, but we finally got there. It’s a cute little theme park sitting directly under Mt. Fuji. We chose the sunniest day of the week to go. Fuji was quite beautiful against the sky and surrounded by the rest of the green mountains.

Not much to say about a theme park, especially one where the lines are so long. Rode teacups (whee!), stood in line for the DoDonPa! roller coaster, rode a little Hamtaro bicycle coaster, played the Gundam Crisis interactive amusement game with the 1/1 scale battle-scarred Gundam RX-78 inside, ate good food and crepes… nice day.

I really wish I had more to say about yesterday, though there really isn’t too much more to elaborate on. I’ll be tagging more photos from everyone else’s Facebook today so people can see a little bit more what it was we went through.

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  1. Shadowdancer21b permalink
    March 30, 2010 7:25 PM

    Groovy! You know the old saying about Fujiyama, right? “You are a fool if you never climb it, but you’re a bigger fool if you do it twice”. I’ve seen pictures of the gundam statue. Its pretty cool.

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