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Classic Tokyo

March 31, 2010

Yesterday morning started with a trek to Asakusa, a district in the North-East portion of Tokyo. We ate breakfast there, and visited Sensou-ji temple, a Buddhist shrine, and the oldest in Tokyo. It’s probably even the most famous. I had been there three or four times before, but it never gets old. Sadly, the outside of the temple itself was under renovation, so it was hard to see the beauty of the temple. But you could still go inside and make prayers and such.

Afterward, we visited Tokyo Dome City. There’s a Goseiger stage show going on at Tokyo Dome right now, but unfortunately, it only goes on every Saturday and Sunday, and we won’t be there for that. So, we just played some games and then rode the one ride we’d been waiting all week for… the THUNDER DOLPHIN. It’s incredibly high, and the first drop is quite steep. I’d gladly do it again… if it weren’t for the fact that it costs about $10 to ride it.

Honestly, we didn’t do much else. We slept a lot in the middle of the day. And late at night we found another ramen shop. I asked for only medium oil in my ramen, but when all the noodles were gone and it was nothing but broth, we could see the oil congeal at the top of the broth. A little gross, but I downed it anyway.

I kind of don’t feel like making any spectacular plans for today. I know I need to make set reservations for the shinkansen to Kyoto and all… but I don’t much care to do anything else special today. I just wanna go enjoy simple pleasures to an extent.

Will write more later.

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