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Osaka… meh?

April 4, 2010

Yesterday morning, the Japanese lady who had been staying with us since we got here had to leave. But she stopped to wake me up to give me a gift of some blueberry candy, and cold compress sheets for my feet! How thoughtful of her! And then she left. I wanted to tell her not to go. But I couldn’t ask her to do that, obviously. Bye bye, nice lady. 😦

Took a brief train ride from Kyoto to Osaka a little later. The train ride itself was fun and everything was interesting to see… but getting off in Osaka… huh. A bit of a disappointment, I suppose. I’m trying to think of what city in the States I could compare it to. Part of me says Las Vegas because there’s so much pachinko, but another part of me says it isn’t quite that… I don’t know, seedy? Although, it is very, very lazy. People stand on the opposite side of the escalator. That is, if they even feel like getting to the side. Because, unlike other parts of Japan, they don’t always necessarily leave a space for you to walk up on one side. Among other places, we visited Amerikamura, which is supposed to be like America, but in Osaka. Wow, no. Not really. Other than the tiny model of the Statue of Liberty and the McDonald’s (which you can find anywhere else, anyway), no, not really. We did spend quite a bit of time arcade-hopping, though. Arcades are much cheaper in Osaka than they are elsewhere. Many games are just 50 yen as opposed to Tokyo where they’re 100 yen. Even some of the Gundam pod games were only 400 yen instead of 500.

Well, my foot has been giving me a progressively worse time as time has gone on. I’ve walked less and less, and I guess I have less and less to say, which is a bit of a bummer because I’d certainly like to walk around and look at things some more. Oh well, no big deal, I don’t really NEED to do much of anything else.

We were thinking about going to Hiroshima today, but we decided that there would be too much walking involved, and my ankle really couldn’t handle it. So, here I stay today. Tomorrow we will return to Tokyo for a single night, and then leave back to the States.

Will update again shortly.

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