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Time to move! Earning more money! Sales for you!

November 12, 2011

Making a few more sales! Almost time for me to move! Most of my boxes have been packed, and since I’m running low on boxes that means I have to get rid of more stuff just to keep it all down! That’s where you guys come in. I’m sorry, International friends, right now it isn’t really feasible for me to ship outside the USA. I’m so sorry! What do I have waiting for you? Well, check this action out:

This is a toy prop from the TV series Power Rangers In Space (known in Japan as Denji Sentai Megaranger). The gun is called the Super Silverizer in Power Rangers In Space and the Silver Blazer in Megaranger. The gun switches between blaster and sword mode. Typically pulling the trigger would set off sound effects from the gun when the power is in the On position, but the batteries are dead, and I admit that I’ve not been able to test this. There’s some minor scuffing to the paint job, but to anybody who is collecting or if you are good with hobby paints, I’m certain this would not be an issue and would be an easy touch-up job. Look at it over here!

This is a copy of X Japan’s 1996 album, DAHLIA. The CD comes complete with disc in box with booklet. CD is scratch free. The album is difficult to obtain now, especially for low prices. Check it out here!

This is a CD/DVD combo set of The Gazette’s 2006 album, NIL (Nameless Liberty Underground). Both the CD and DVD are in good condition, free of scratches. Booklet is included in the unfolding CD case. The case is covered in gold lettering and soft crushed red velvet fabric. There are many other less expensive copies of this same album, but those come with the CD only and do not come in the nice casing that this one comes in. Look at it here!

This is the 1998 CD from rock band Zilch, 321. The CD is in good condition with no scratches. Included is the disc, the box, a dust sleeve, a sheet of stickers, CD booklet, and fold-out poster. One of the four stickers is missing. It’s sitting over here!

This is the official DVD release of the original Kamen Rider (often referred to as Masked Rider) volume 16, episodes, featuring episodes 92 – 98, the final episodes of the original series. The DVD is official, and NOT a Chinese bootleg. It is region 2, not region 0 or region free, which is something many bootleg discs will try to pull. There are no Chinese or English subtitles. Official Japanese DVDs will almost never include foreign subtitles. LEARN TO SPOT BOOTLEGS! Look at this DVD over here!

This is a songbook for X Japan’s 1991 album, Jealousy. Book is in decent condition, with only minor noticeable wear on the edges of the cover and a few very small, minor bends at the corners of a couple pages. Includes band photos and printed signatures. Sheet music includes tabs for multiple guitars, bass, drums, and sheet music for vocals and keyboard. Look at the book here!

This is a songbook from band X Japan’s 1992 Tokyo Dome Live album, On The Verge of Destruction. Sheet music includes tabs for multiple guitars, drums, and score for vocals and keyboard. Book is in decent condition, with a minor crease in the top right-hand corner of the cover, and only slightly worn corners and edges. It’s waiting over here!

This is an official X Japan towel from X Japan’s live Tokyo Dome performances from 2008, Resume Attack 2008 I.V. – Towards Destruction. It is unused and well cared-for. The image above shows a CD next to the towel for size comparison. Check it out here!

This is the February 2008 issue of Fool’s Mate magazine, a Japanese publication featuring prominent Japanese rock musicians. The focus of this particular issue is X Japan and their reunion tours. Look at it here!

This is a collectors’ photo book for the Japanese rock band X (now known as X Japan) by the name of X-ism, published in 1990. Book is in good condition, very little noticeable wear on the edges of the pages and cover, and no bends or tears in the pages. Check it out over here!

That’s all I have for now, but I have lots more stuff coming that I need to eliminate very soon. Or maybe the answer is that I need to purchase more boxes, which I don’t really have the extra cash for. If, and only if, you think any of the work I’ve done has been worth it, I’m still receiving donations up in the top-left-hand corner of this blog. I appreciate your kindness, and I always write back to anyone who contributes anything of any size.

Thank you so much, everyone, for keeping up with me and my work, and thank you for any help you can give while I’m making my final moving preparations. Tonight, if you’ve been missing my Twilight blogs, then I’ll have a treat in store for you later!

Thanks again, all! Be talking with you more soon!

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  1. November 12, 2011 7:38 PM

    I’m just now finding out about this blog. I had no idea that someone would have this much cool stuff.

    • November 12, 2011 7:40 PM

      Heh, I oftentimes end up with a lot of really cool stuff that I wish I could keep, but frankly I don’t have the room for it all, nor can I afford to take it all with me, and when I’m in a crunch for money anyway, well, it suddenly becomes much easier to let go of the stuff. ^_^;

  2. November 13, 2011 7:17 AM

    Ah, too bad you don’t ship internationally, I’d get almost all of the X-japan stuff.
    Or at least the songbooks and the Fool’s Mate issue, if nothing else.

  3. likalaruku permalink
    January 15, 2012 2:36 PM

    Ah, skinny slender pale Yoshiki, how I hated those post-X-Japan images of you with muscles, short hair, & a tan.

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