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About a Side Project – Expect More: Kamen Rider Fourze, by JoshKnightTheFirst

September 2, 2012

I thought that this would be worth everyone’s attention because I worked on editing this video for Josh for well over a week. For the product that you end up seeing here, that might seem ridiculous. I mean, there’s quite a lot I would have liked to have done differently. But if you’ve been following what I’ve been up to for the last one to two months, this is abso-friggin’-lutely amazing. My PC has been shutting itself down when put under much of any stress, and my laptop only has about enough RAM to run Windows 7. And Josh not having the camera or editing equipment he would need to accomplish his vision, I had to give something, even if it wasn’t the greatest result I would have liked to have come up with. And with Fourze having just ended and Wizard having just begun today, time was of the essence. We had to work while the topic was still relevant.

The editing process was ridiculous. Converting video files into easily editable formats had to be done on my laptop, which, as I mentioned, was painful because my laptop barely runs itself. Since that was so painful, I realized I was going to have to edit on my PC no matter what. But the problem was that the PC would overheat and shut itself down if I made it render anything over, like, 20 seconds long. So, it turned out YouTube has this editor, right? So, what I ended up having to do was edit fragments of things mixing Josh’s narration with the imagery he wanted to portray, then upload it to YouTube, and piece it together on their editing page. I did all this jumping between my PC and my laptop. It was painful as hell. And yet, somehow, amazingly, I managed to come up with what you see now. So, for a video that I would have much rather done much better, this result is rather pleasing to me.

The entirety of information being presented to you is all courtesy of Josh. Though I must admit, that Nabisco joke was all me (sorry, Josh, had to take credit for that where my credit is due). So, for your tokusatsu information, I can’t take the credit there. All I’m taking credit for is putting together the imagery he wanted to portray to his audience. I’m not certain yet whether or not he will continue to need my assistance, but if he does you can be sure I will continue to help present the material he’s passionate about.

Frankly, this video could have gone on for much, much longer. The complaints could have filled two videos this size. But we both knew that nobody really knows Josh, so people most likely weren’t going to care. So, I think it ended up at a pretty tolerable length.

So, there it is! My explanation of this video. If this is the kind of topic that interests you, please feel free to watch more as it gets presented. Thank you!

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  1. Just trying to be helpful permalink
    September 3, 2012 8:34 PM

    Have you ever looked into using Linux for video editing? Linux tends to be less resource-intensive than Windows (i.e. less RAM use, etc.), so that laptop might be a more capable backup editor with Linux.

    Mind you, I don’t do any video editing myself, so I don’t know how the editing programs available for Linux stack up to what you usually use. Maybe you would find it helpful, maybe it would just be a waste of time. Anyway, the programs I usually hear people mention for video editing in Linux are, in no particular order: OpenShot, Kdenlive, Cinelerra, Kino, Avidemux, LiVES, and Piviti.

    As for the version of Linux to use, go with Ubuntu. If need be, you could also try Xubuntu or Lubuntu for even less system resource use (Xubuntu and Lubuntu are the same OS as Ubuntu, but with a more minimal, lighter GUI)

    That’s enough to get you started if you think what I just said could be of any use to you. Worst case scenario: it doesn’t do what you need, but it cost only a little time.

  2. amber permalink
    September 6, 2012 2:55 PM

    I thought the video was great. The quality was more decent then what I put out ( when I put videos up ) and I learned something.

  3. September 10, 2012 10:13 PM

    The only problem with Linux is the time it takes to setup everything up, depending on what you’re doing. If you’re used to working with PCs… a lot, then it’s mostly just a chore (sometimes, a long chore) but if you’re not used to tinkering with your computer in depth, Linux can take a while, and be tough.

    AS FAR AS THE VIDEO GOES, I was never really exposed to the Rider series. I remember catching a few episodes of the show that fox kids ran for a while but thought what most kids did at the time; that it was another power rangers type show. It’s interesting to see that the franchise goes back a long way and was apparently very creative between series. And I can definitely see the complaint here.

    I did find it funny how many lines were brought up about accepting a new product just because it has a franchise name on it, and that if you change too much it becomes unrecognizable. My brain started running reels of Final Fantasy at that point.

    It sounds as though they were aiming the show at two key audiences: kids and teens – the toy angle suiting the kids and the Americanized look and feel of the show suiting young teenagers more. Maybe they were trying to appeal to newer audiences with that, God only knows. But it’s a shame that the creators might be thinking that that needs to happen. I felt much the same when I noticed my kid brother (back when he was a kid) watching things like Spongebob while I grew up in the D&D, Ulysses31, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Pirates of Black Water….. etc. etc. age when producers thought: “hey, if we enjoy it, kids will too”.

    It seems as though with the more things become about instant (or close to it) gratification, producers will just go for the cheap hits or the cheap thrills – in this sense, making the Rider show more akin to current popular US TV shows, hoping it will bring more attention from the target audiences of those shows. Shame though that might be.

    Sorry to hear about how bad this has become for you, Josh. Some of the old clips looked interesting even to me (probably something to do with the quality of the clips as I’m a fan of a lot of older martial arts and Kurosawa movies) and the ideas behind the motivations of the Riders were definitely intriguing, but sounds closer to traditional Japanese archetypes, something I see utilized less and less in new Japanese TV. I suppose it’s akin to why most anime shows are becoming goofier and goofier as time runs by, regardless of whatever interesting undercurrent or storyline might exist (and that’s ignoring the over-sexualized nature of those newer shows – again, down to quick gratification and cheap thrills).

    Anyway, wow, long message. My heart goes out to you. …and yes, BTW, knowing essentially nothing about the Rider series’ before your video, I now, very much, DO want to know about that last episode!

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