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MarzGurl Reviews Final Fantasy XIII – Episode 1

December 22, 2012

Here’s a project I’ve been very passionate about, and I hope that it shows. I’ve been working on the whole series for a very, very long time. I actually have the entirety of the script written, and now the whole rest of it is simply in the editing stages. So, hopefully, you won’t have to wait terribly long between episodes. I actually wrote the whole thing BY HAND first while I was at my other job, which took a couple weeks between the work I ACTUALLY had to do, and then I transferred it over to my laptop.

If YouTube is your viewing method of choice, I do also have a second upload over here. –

I do want to address that, yes, Spoony is releasing his Final Fantasy XIII reviews at nearly the exact same time as I am. I can assure you, this was completely unplanned, nor is anybody copying anybody (most would suggest that I’m the copier). I’m not exactly a huge fan of the “review dibs” idea. You can’t honestly tell me you would expect IGN to do a review of a game and then NOT have Gamespot do a review because IGN was doing it. Then where would you go for a variety of opinions?

Actually, Noah and I talked at great length about XIII back during the year THREE movie for TGWTG. We made each other aware way back then that we were planning on doing our own thing, and nobody really seemed to care. It’s completely crazy that we’re releasing our videos at nearly the same time without having otherwise talked to one another.

Really, our videos are pretty drastically different. Actually, I LOVE his Part 1. I agree with just about everything stated in it, and I laughed. Laughed hard in some cases. I’d really encourage you to watch his as well to get a feeling of how different we are. –

Noah’s reviews are very much set up for people who are already familiar with his reviews, especially his previous Final Fantasy reviews. Mine, however, his highly informative and comparative to previous game installments, and I would hope that this would mean that even someone who isn’t a Final Fantasy fan can jump in and understand what I’m talking about without having to already sort of “get the joke”.

Speaking of jokes, I’m not really much of a jokester. I can throw a quip here and there as well as the next guy, but they have to be really well placed. I decided a long time ago that I’m just not the snarky reviewer type. That’s why I think I’m much better with the analytically style.

All I can hope for is that my passion for the Final Fantasy series as a whole and my disappointment with what became of Final Fantasy XIII is what really shines through without having to visibly or vulgarly “tear it a new one”. I think I can far more elaborately rip it up and have it make sense. I hope you’ll join me in doing so!

Thank you for your patience and your support.

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  1. stuart permalink
    December 22, 2012 6:49 PM

    watched and enjoyed your review. Looking forward to the next parts. I have been watching you since you debuted on tgwtg, thank you for all the entertainment you have you have provided 🙂

  2. December 22, 2012 7:05 PM

    I did drop a comment for this in the That Guy Etc., but seeing how rare an event it is that someone with actual publicity dares to go against Final Fantasy 10-> these days, I have only one thing to say…
    Thank. You. Bless your heart. I fancy myself somewhat a fan of FF-series and have been mortified, sad and even proud owner of The Last Story since what happened from FFX and onward.
    I even bought X and X-2, but… Well you said it all already.
    Just one request. Could you please comment on the fact that every FF to have the characters look “realistic” when you could move them (meaning not in the cut-scenes), have been rather the poorer rated FFs so far? If you don’t feel like it, then by all means.
    But just thank you. For not bashing, for not ranting. Thank you for being public passive voice of reason. Thank you.

  3. December 23, 2012 8:51 PM

    I am by no means a die hard Final Fantasy fan. I have played and enjoyed a number of them. However I have hated every one I have tried since 7. Since I don’t have the history with the games, it doesn’t bother me when another underwhelming or flat out bad game comes out.

    Along with a lack of reaction, I don’t know the history. So I do have to applaud your research and history lesson. Very informative and interesting. It is nice to see an analytical review to go ALONG with Spoony’s more emotional response.

    I am looking forward to seeing more from this series. Also, love the haircut, it looks adorable on you 🙂

  4. theunchainedmelody permalink
    December 24, 2012 10:45 AM

    I just wanted to say that you’ve quite articulately put what problems I have most with this instalment of final fantasy. It’s nice to see a more analytical approach that doesn’t contain perhaps the rage or disgust people may in fact have towards FF13. I certainly feel that way, especially with how half arsed the whole thing feels… I’m looking forward to the full review. : D

  5. Tony permalink
    January 18, 2013 9:36 AM

    Being a fan of the original FF games (Famicom, NES, SNES) I have to say that I think that there came a point where the producers of the games stopped caring about the story and started caring more about where they could push the eyecandy boundary. To date I think the best storylines in my opinion were FFIV (2 US), and FFVI(3 US), although the other games had really great storylines, these games made you care about each character and really fleshed out everything so that even though it was a short game you still had a sense of who the character was and why they were doing what they were doing. All the FF games that have come after 7 seems to just thrust an unsuspecting character into a situation where they just had to figure out how to get from point A to point B and not die, there is no real setup, just point out that these guys are good, and those guys are bad, now fight. Plus I think the best thing about NES and SNES games were that even though you couldn’t make out much more detail than what the 8/16 bit rendering would allow, you could imagine what their facial expressions and reaction would be. You see the characters in the new games and their back stories seem just as non-existent than their facial expressions.

  6. January 20, 2013 1:19 PM

    I’m late replying on this (mostly because I just now set up a new WordPress account, but I just wanted to say that I think it’s great both you and Spoony are looking at FF-13. Having two different perspectives really gives even someone like me who’s never touched the game a good idea of its strengths and weaknesses. Great work, Marz! 🙂

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